Welcome to Carrot Gold

Hello everyone.

Carrot Gold is a new concept in discount loyalty cards. The idea behind it is simple enough.

Cardholders pay a small annual fee to receive a Carrot Gold card which they can use as often as they like at all participating businesses. These businesses will be restaurants, retailers, service providers – everything from a chicken korma to a haircut.

The details of the special deals and offers will be updated on our website, http://www.carrotgold.co.uk and also on this blog, as well as Twitter (for those who like to keep bang up to date).

So there’s no book to flick through, no coupons to cut out, just check the deals online or on your mobile and go flash your Carrot.

We live in Oxfordshire and think it’s the perfect place to launch the card. By sticking to one region, it means cardholders have more local choice (rather than some fishmongers in Fife) and businesses attract their core customers.

Sound simple? It is. All we need now is to get local businesses from all over Oxfordshire to register their interest. It’s FREE – they just have to put forward a special offer or deal for Carrot Gold holders. The better the deal, the more customers they will get.

We feel it’s only fair to launch the cards once we have enough business partners signed up, and we will also be offering the cards to the public for a vastly reduced rate.

Please do provide us with some feedback.

We think it’s a win-win situation that will save people money and boost local businesses at the same time. What do you think?


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